A West Virginia University Community Educational Outreach Services (CEOS Club)
​Berkeley Springs, West virginia

Quilt Auction:
Sunday, May 26th, 2019 - 2:00pm
2019 Benefit for the Town of Bath Streetscapes Improvement Project

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Caption on each image gives the title of the quilt, the artist and the location of the business
in the Town of Bath within Berkeley Springs

      For More information:  history, directions and quilt show details go to  DelectableMountainsQuitGuild.com For a  "Quilt Trail Tour" maps showing  location of  quilts will be available  at the Ice House  during show. Questions? Contact us.

  1. Autumn Delight
    Autumn Delight
    Guild Member/Mary Roach Ravenwood
  2. Autumn
    Kate Maeda Fleur de Lis Cheese Shop
  3. Bear Necessities
    Bear Necessities
    Beth Duboff Travel Berkeley Springs
  4. Beneath The Tyde III
    Beneath The Tyde III
    Denise Cline The Naked Olive
  5. Birds At Crossway
    Birds At Crossway
    Mary Roach Clarks
  6. Birds In The Orchard
    Birds In The Orchard
    Mary Roach Nature Niche
  7. Carnival
    Laura Gough McDonald's
  8. Clematis
    Susannah Kipp Hunter's Hardware
  9. Coming Around Again II
    Coming Around Again II
    Jane Frenke Portals Meta Physical
  10. 4 Hearts
    4 Hearts
    Guild Member Fairfax Coffee House
  11. Confetti Stars
    Confetti Stars
    Abby Chapple Star Theater
  12. Down On The Corner
    Down On The Corner
    Jane Frenke McDonald's
  13. Dream of a Young Girl
    Dream of a Young Girl
    Abby Chapple Hunter's Hardware
  14. Flowers For Mama
    Flowers For Mama
    Dottie O'Toole Always In Bloom
  15. For You, With Love
    For You, With Love
    Katherine McCann/Mary Roach Heath Studio Gallery
  16. Forest Friends
    Forest Friends
    Mary Roach Clark's
  17. Glistening Garden
    Glistening Garden
    Round Robin/MaryRoach Berkeley Springs Antique Mall
  18. Guitar Blues
    Guitar Blues
    Karen Ridenour-Price Black Cat Music
  19. Happy Scrappy
    Happy Scrappy
    Linda Gee The Rag Shop
  20. Heart of My Heart
    Heart of My Heart
    Shirley Hillgren Kesecker Realty
  21. Rose Star
    Rose Star
    Abby Chapple Sage Moon
  22. Square Dance
    Square Dance
    Mickie Sienko Berkeley Springs Memories
  23. Squares for a Yard Square
    Squares for a Yard Square
    Ann Darling Mountain Side Restaurant
  24. Stepping Stones
    Stepping Stones
    Denise Cline Skeeters Auto Body
  25. Tip Toe Through The Tulips
    Tip Toe Through The Tulips
    Dolores Fitzgerald/Johnni Schell Atasia Spa
  26. Whirl-a-Gig
    Susannah Kipp Perry Realty
  27. Window Cats
    Window Cats
    Cheryl Rink Give Purrs A Chance
  28. In The Round
    In The Round
    Linda Gee Lighthouse Latte
  29. Irish Love Knot
    Irish Love Knot
    Katherine McCann/Lin Vance Arndt-McBee Insurance
  30. It's Spring
    It's Spring
    Jane Frenke Berkeley Floral
  31. Kaleidoscope
    Mary Roach Morgan's on Main
  32. Kites For All Seasons
    Kites For All Seasons
    Cheryl Rink Morgan County Public Library
  33. Kokopelli Pots
    Kokopelli Pots
    Susanah Kipp Mi Ranchito Mexican Restaurant
  34. Love Is All You Need
    Love Is All You Need
    Beth DuBoff Total Image Salon
  35. Mai-Tai
    Lin Vance The Country Inn
  36. Martha's Rainbow
    Martha's Rainbow
    Martha Price/Darlene Narango Community Garden Market
  37. Martha's Star
    Martha's Star
    Martha Price/Denise Cline The Motor Inn B&B
  38. In The Garden
    In The Garden
    Carrington-Fitzgerald-Kipp/Denise Cline Community Garden Market
  39. Mimi Star Struck
    Mimi Star Struck
    Mary Roach Jules Enchanting Gifts
  40. Momma's Love
    Momma's Love
    Dolores Fitzgerald/Johnni Schell Angus & Ale Restaurant
  41. Nature's Pinwheel
    Nature's Pinwheel
    Katherine Carrington/Mickie Sienko Able Body Wellness
  42. Oh My Stars
    Oh My Stars
    Carmen Winiarski Morgan Co Commission-Courthouse
  43. Regal Eagle
    Regal Eagle
    Laura Gough American Leagion
  44. Rhapsody In Blue Spruce
    Rhapsody In Blue Spruce
    Beth DuBoff Hunter's Hardware
  45. Rhombus
    Dolores Fitzgerald/Johnni Schell Almost Heaven Antiques
  46. Rosemary's Gift II
    Rosemary's Gift II
    Jane Frenke Tari's Premiere Cafe
  47. Sea Glass Mystery
    Sea Glass Mystery
    Linda Bowers/Mickie Sienko Mountain Laurel
  48. Sea Odyssey
    Sea Odyssey
    Marge Bowers/Mickie Sienko
  49. Hearts of Friendship
    Hearts of Friendship
    Round Robin/Lin Vance West Virginia Extension Office
  50. I Remember Mama
    I Remember Mama
    Phyllis Hagstad Stop & Shop
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